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Digital Consumer Landscape: Energy Results

Energy had a high proportion of consumers who researched online but purchased offline (33%). Overall, energy consumers were the least satisfied and least trusting consumers, out of all sectors surveyed.

Energy consumers have pain points across all stages of their journeys, that mainly center around the lack of trust in online information and options.

They also had lowest levels of trust in their providers, compared with any sector surveyed (only 57% trusted their energy providers while 80% trusted their retail providers).

Consumers were overwhelmed and intimidated by the complexity of the information, and frustrated by needing to call staff to clarify concerns. They were especially frustrated by staff who were unable to resolve questions or issues quickly (out of all sectors surveyed, energy consumers were the least satisfied with the quality of staff assistance, with 73% satisfied).

This was most pronounced during the purchase stage, hence the higher proportion of ROPO customers in the energy sector.

What Do Australian Energy Consumers Want?

For energy consumers, the ideal research journey was simple, personalized, and online. Consumers also wanted simple choices and the option for intelligent assistance. Some consumers desire human touch in their purchasing journey, and age was the most important factor in this—younger generations were keener on online purchasing than older.

Energy consumers also wanted to share more data to make their research easier. But they are more wary if they think that data sharing could inconvenience them.

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