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Digital Consumer Landscape: Telecommunications and Media Results

Telecommunications and media consumers reported moderate levels of research online, purchase offline at 24%.

Within telecommunications and media, consumers feel overwhelmed by the amount of research required, and believe they are not in control of the process (feeling “trapped and maneuvered”). Consumer satisfaction is lowest at the post-purchase phase, with many consumers feeling locked in and unable to cancel online.

Across telecommunications and media, internet consumers reported the lowest level of satisfaction across the overall journey, dropping to 76% satisfaction at post-purchase.

What Do Australian Telecommunications and Media Consumers Want?

Like other industries, consumers of telecommunications and media want more control, but also want more personalized service. They particularly want to receive promotions that meet their specific purchasing needs. Since 2016, the number of consumers buying telecommunications and media products who said they would only share data if they get a more personalized service has grown 35%.

Telecommunications and media consumers were most influenced by online resources in their purchasing decision. Almost a quarter of respondents said they were influenced by the provider’s website, for example.

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