Data, Tools, and Analytics

Insight drives business value. BCG’s Strategic Analytics team offers the expertise, tools, and data needed for a successful analytics driven go-to-market transformation.

Using a client-centered approach that aligns deep analytics with strategic objectives, the team combines industry experience, functional knowledge, and technical skill for maximum impact. Our approach supports the full cycle of business transformation, from initial discovery and objective setting, through data integration, advanced analysis, and the development of tools that enable clients to put insight to work.

The team offers:

  • Highly trained data scientists with the knowledge and experience to transform raw data into business insight
  • Advanced tools and software that enable rapid data integration, discovery, visualization, prediction, and optimization
  • Unique location-based data about consumer preferences and buying behavior
  • The ability to deliver insight through tools and software that transform client business processes

The value that Strategic Analytics delivers spans key sales and marketing disciplines, including customer lifecycle management, digital marketing, pricing, promotion effectiveness, retail footprint optimization, and sales force optimization.

The team has:

  • Created more efficient and effective promotions for retailers and consumer-packaged goods firms
  • Improved cross-sell, up-sell, and retention for banks and insurance providers
  • Reduced churn and increased loyalty for telcos and airlines
  • Increased advertising effectiveness for digital marketers
  • Optimized branch networks for banks, retailers, and service providers
  • Increased revenue through targeted sales team deployment and pricing strategy
  • Optimized sales team incentives through improved discount guidelines

New tools are the key to business transformation because they enable the client organization to harness insight for business planning and operations. Strategic Analytics supports change by delivering insights as deployable models and applications in a range of formats accessible to business users. These tools include applications such as:

  • A sales opportunity dashboard for an insurance marketer’s field agents
  • An interactive pricing tool for a B2B marketer
  • An offer recommendation engine to drive cross-selling for a multicountry telco

BCG works closely with clients to deliver models and insights using software and technology that align with enterprise IT standards, gain user acceptance, and impact business processes.

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