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BCG Bytes

Welcome to BCG Bytes, a collection of BCG’s current thinking about all things digital by our experts in Australia and New Zealand. In this edition, what makes a good Product Owner and what are their biggest challenges when working agile?

If you've ever wondered which Game of Thrones character correlates with your working style, read on. Using popular Game of Thrones characters Renee Troughton, BCG’s Agile expert, explores what makes a good Product Owner and the biggest challenges they face when working agile. What are the best ways to work agile, and what should be avoided? How do you establish a digital culture during digital transformations and how do you maintain one over time?

Product Ownership – Game Of Thrones Style

Renee Troughton, Enterprise Agile Coach and Project Leader at BCG muses how Game of Thrones characters aren't all that different to product owners. In this entertaining yet insightful blog, Renee imagines how your favourite Game of Thrones characters would perform in an Agile team.

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It's Not a Digital Transformation Without a Digital Culture

As Leaders embrace digital transformation, they often run into an unexpected obstacle: culture clash. Like any major transformation, a digital transformation requires instilling a culture that supports the change while also enabling the company's overarching strategy. This report examines the importance of having a digital culture and explores the methodology and disciplines needed to achieve an enduring digital culture.

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