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BCG Bytes

Welcome to BCG Bytes, a collection of BCG’s current thinking about all things digital by our experts in Australia and New Zealand. In this edition we showcase BCG’s first digital human which we unveiled last week at the 2019 IBM Think Summit.

As our human-centred designer Hermann Ruiz writes this week, the challenge is uncovering the humanity of digital humans. The best way to shape them is by bringing in the right people and skillset to think through the ethics in their design. From our thought leadership this week, we also look at why these principles are so important for women, people of colour, and other diverse individuals who might be very different to the designer who originally wrote code for AI.

Digital employees are more human than you think

What is the best way to start thinking about a digital employee? Do you find someone with skill in building AI? Or should you also think of them as an experience continuously crafted by humans, for humans, using AI. A digital workforce designed with this approach in mind can be refined and tuned as contexts, needs and technology change, as Strategic Designer working Hermann Ruiz in our Platinion team explains.

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How AI Could Help—or Hinder—Women in the Workforce

How will AI impact women and their jobs? And how might it exacerbate—or mitigate—the current gender gap in the corporate-leadership pipeline? There have been reports of AI algorithms in talent management software generating results slanted against women because of a cumulative bias baked into the data on which the algorithms are trained. This article looks at the potential gender-related impact of AI. Thankfully, the picture, although troubling, is not categorically negative.

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