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BCG Bytes

Welcome to BCG Bytes, a collection of BCG’s current thinking about all things digital by our experts in Australia and New Zealand. In this edition, what agile organisations need to succeed.

Agile ways of working are starting to take hold in many organisations. The principles of agile are based on co-located teams. But, is it reasonable to expect that people working in different parts of the country—or, in some cases, opposite sides of the world—can succeed with Agile? And what if they don’t all work for you directly and are outsourced functions? In this week’s edition we hear what skills, thoughts and processes can help teams to succeed in these situations and the qualities the leaders need to get us there.

How to Make Agile Work with Outsourced and Offshore Teams

Organizations are succeeding with Agile methodologies in more parts of the business than ever before, but can Agile work within the context of outsourcing and offshoring? Paul McNamara, BCG's advisor on Enterprise Agile Transformations explains how companies can design projects and and processes in ways that foster team cohesion, accountability, and connectivity.

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Take Control of Your Digital Future

Companies today understand that digital transformation is no longer an option. They face a stark choice: transform or die. BCG's work with companies across of range of industries revealed five key things they must master to unlock their digital future; stick to clear business objectives, acquire digital skills, simplify decision making, accelerate the delivery of customer-focused applications and, build on existing IT systems.

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