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Britney Cochrane

2018 Recipient

Q: Can you please tell us about your educational background?

A: I am currently completing an Engineering and Commerce dual degree at the University of Queensland after graduating from Brisbane Girls Grammar School in 2013. I am majoring in Structural (Civil) Engineering and Accounting. I have been fortunate enough to have also studied overseas at the University of California, Los Angeles, where I was able to work alongside incredibly accomplished and well respected academics studying coursework in advanced materials, structural systems modeling and construction management.

Q: What led you to pursue Engineering/Commerce?

A: I was initially drawn to engineering by the abundance of exciting projects and advanced mathematics required. The prospect of being able to watch a design come to life through the design, construction and completion phases, is an exciting and rewarding process. This is particularly the case in structural engineering as the Brisbane skyline is evolving. Pairing this with a Commerce degree simultaneously allowed the development of business knowledge and highlighted its relevance in any career. Given the highly technical nature of an engineering degree, this was a beneficial point of view that has propagated into all areas of my studies.

Q: What are you involved with outside of study?

A: I have been involved in several student societies at my university, as a member and active participant in the Red Cross Society, Civil Engineering Student Society and the Financial Management Association of Australia. Most notably, I have enjoyed my role as Civil Liaison Officer, bridging the gap between the Civil Engineering Student Society and professors to implement student initiatives and create change. Outside of university, swimming and water polo are two of my major passions. My involvement in these social and competitive events is highly rewarding, enjoyable and a significant portion of my routine.

Q: What difference will the BCG Scholarship make to you and what does being associated with BCG mean for you?

A: I am incredibly excited to use the BCG Scholarship funds to study ‘Quantitative Finance: Maths in Investment Banking’ at the University College London in July. With this said, the benefits of the generous program extend far beyond the financial gains. Throughout the scholarship experience I enjoyed networking with ambitious and driven peers, meeting people from the BCG team and learning more about the culture and community fostered. It is because of the incredible people, unparalleled global reputation, incomparable growth prospects and the exciting workplace that I am honored and delighted to be associated with BCG, and look forward to strengthening this relationship.

Q: Where does your future lie? What do you see yourself doing professionally over the coming years?

A: On graduation, I am eager to pursue a career in consulting. While I have enjoyed my experience in Engineering, working part time as a structural engineer for several years, I am particularly interested in business challenges, problem solving and being able to make tangible and meaningful improvements in the corporate landscape. Naturally, consulting is the perfect fit. Additionally, I am eager to explore the support and development opportunities available with BCG through a transfer, or completing my MBA. The most exciting aspect of a career in consulting is the fast-paced, varied and dynamic working environment that opens a plethora of doors.

Q: What do most people not know about you?

A: I have never read or seen any of the Harry Potter books or movies.

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