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Joyce Guo

2017 Recipient


Q: Can you please tell us about your educational background?

A: Growing up in Melbourne’s western suburbs, I completed my primary and secondary education in underrepresented public schools – but I have always believed that geography and financial disparities should not play a role in an individual’s success. I am now currently in my third year of a bachelor of commerce majoring in economics and finance at the University of Melbourne and have recently completed a month-long Study Aboard at LSE, followed by a semester-long exchange in the USA. University has been a transformative experience so far - exposure to the wealth of knowledge, international opportunities and meeting people from all different socio-eco backgrounds has been key to my personal development.

Q: What led you to pursue Bachelor of Commerce?

A: I chose to pursue the Bachelor of Commerce because I have always been fascinated by these human constructs of government, the market and the economy. I want to understand how we create them, how we control them and how we can improve them. So far, I have thoroughly enjoyed economics. The way it teaches you to think critically and solve problems has been intellectually stimulating.

Q: What are you involved with outside of study?

A: Outside of my studies, to reduce the gender imbalance in the engineering and technology fields, I joined a student-run organisation called Robogals. It aims to engage schoolgirls in engineering topics from a young age, with the long-term goal of increasing female enrolment in engineering, science and technology courses at universities. I was also involved in two social impact projects in my first year at university. I worked as an engagement officer for the social enterprise White Circles in Nangi Village, Nepal; and as a consultant for the Microfinance Initiative, Amartha in MMI. Both projects I had to coordinate with stakeholders from overseas, overcome language and cultural barriers and collaborate to reach solutions to the challenges faced by the village and the microfinance organisation. Moreover, I love getting involved in university events such as volunteering for BCom Student ambassador or Team Leader for the First Year Leadership Forum as it provides me with the opportunity to pass down tacit knowledge to the younger cohort. Working with younger students and investing in their development has been one of the key highlight of my university experience.

Q: What difference will the BCG Scholarship make to you and what does being associated with BCG mean for you?

A: I plan to undertake an additional year in honours in economics and the BCG Scholarship will allow to continue to support my studies endeavours as well as pursue my travel goals because I believe that “travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer”. Being associated with BCG means having the opportunity to work with and be supported by a team of passionate, talented and friendly individuals in facilitating effective communication and change. It provides a global platform and wealth of opportunities for every individual to truly become their very best.

Q: Where does your future lie? What do you see yourself doing professionally over the coming years?

A: In the long term, I want to work in challenging and collaborative roles as a Management Consultant with a desire to live in in a Scandinavian country for a couple of years. Towards the end of my career, I would love to volunteer for Teach for Australia and teach disadvantage children. I admire the ability of teachers to shape the minds of the next generation. I want to share my stories, experiences and knowledge and inspire students to become leaders, and dream big regardless of their socio-economic background or gender.

Q: What do most people not know about you?

A: Most people don’t know that I’m a bit of an adrenaline-junkie and love my extreme roller-coaster rides – one of my favourite so far is the X2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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