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Juliette Foley

2018 Recipient

Q: Can you please tell us about your educational background?

A: I’m currently a third-year engineering student majoring in Engineering Science at the University of Auckland. I attended Glendowie College and went through the New Zealand educational NZQA system.

Q: What led you to pursue Engineering?

A: When I was in high school, I was selected to attend the rotary National Youth Science Forum. While there, I was first exposed to the idea that engineering wasn’t all about bridges and buildings. I looked into it a bit further and realised it was about problem-solving and using maths and analytical skills to find solutions. After tossing up between medicine and engineering, I settled on engineering and love the challenges this engineering degree has led me to. My specialisation in engineering science surrounds mathematical modelling in continuum mechanics and operations research, the latter is something for which I have found a true passion.

Q: What are you involved with outside of study?

A: I love sport and have been a runner and footballer for as long as I can remember. Outside of study, I’m either running in the mountains, or training others as part of the Auckland University Running Club to help achieve whatever goals they have.

I also have a passion to empower others to participate in science. As a Women in Engineering advisor, I have represented my university by going to secondary schools to encourage students to enjoy science. I also created my own Robotics program and taught a range of kids to program their robot to follow a black line.

Q: What difference will the BCG Scholarship make to you and what does being associated with BCG mean for you?

A: This scholarship relieves huge financial pressure and enables me to work less and pursue other important things in my life; socialising, running and volunteering. I am hopeful to make Worlds for trail running this year and this scholarship will enable this to become a reality.

BCG is an incredible company, full of gifted, creative and talented individuals. To be associated with BCG is an honour and humbling.

Q: Where does your future lie? What do you see yourself doing professionally over the coming years?

A: As Steve Jobs said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards.” I’m unsure where my future lies, but I am eager to complete my degree and throw myself into BCG and to soak up as much knowledge and as many skills as possible. I aspire to be part of a team that influences positive change in this world.

Q: What do most people not know about you?

A: I like to write poems and have participated in slam poetry. Also, I had never been out of New Zealand until my BCG interview in Sydney. When I was a kid I got into dirt-biking however, stopped that passion after one too many trips to A&E.

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