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Additional Backgrounds

We look for passionate, open-minded individuals, with a wide range of academic backgrounds and work experiences. We welcome applications from people with business and non-business backgrounds. Our consultants have degrees in business, finance, and economics, as well as law, engineering, science, medicine, arts and humanities, and more.


Law graduates and experienced lawyers are well-suited to a career in management consulting. It offers intellectual challenges and direct access to clients. Management consulting relies on structured, logical thinking and draws on the skills of reasoning and concise communication. It also depends on the ability to extract and synthesize facts and insights from different sources of information.

"Law gave me with a unique set of problem-solving and communication skills, and a career in consulting has let me utilize these in ways that I had never imagined"
—Hugh, Consultant, Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws, Monash University


Engineers and graduates of engineering degrees thrive at BCG. They are great problem solvers and their strong analytical skills are highly valuable for finding answers to the challenges and opportunities our clients face. Being comfortable with manipulating large data sets - reviewing sales statistics, modelling costs, or estimating profit margins - is a great platform from which to build a consulting toolkit.

"It wasn’t until I started working at BCG that I realized that what I really learned wasn’t how to solve for ‘x’, it was how to apply advanced problem solving to solve any complex problem, in any industry.”
—Fergie, Associate, Bachelor of Environments & Master of Civil Engineering, University of Melbourne

Science and Medicine

We welcome people from all medical and scientific backgrounds - doctors, surgeons, neuroscientists, astrophysicists, bio-scientists, chemists and more. They are adept at implementing BCG's hypothesis led approach to problem solving and reaching answers quickly for our clients. Their exceptional capabilities in navigating complexity, thinking creatively and quantitative analysis are a natural fit for delivering impact through management consulting.

"Right from the start, BCG's platform and approach to strategy combined with my medical experience gave me the credibility to talk to clients about the issues that matter and that can create real value."
—Jonathan, Consultant, Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery, and Medical Science, University of Melbourne

Arts and Humanities

BCG attracts graduates from across Arts and Humanities, including anthropology, philosophy, history, sociology and politics, just to name a few. What do they all have in common? They are intellectually curious, passionate people with great communications skills who are able to tackle challenging problems for which there is no off-the-shelf answer.

"Since joining I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges and development my job provides on a daily basis, quickly learning and deploying new skills. This has included everything from building economic forecasts right through to partnering with the head of a billion dollar business unit to design a strategy team workshop."
—Mazen, Associate Bachelor of Arts, University of Melbourne

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