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The Growth-Value Paradox

Every company wants to grow, with good reason. Over the long term, revenue growth is the largest source of TSR for top value creators. This makes sense. Without growth, a company’s ability to improve margins, expand its valuation multiple, or increase free cash flow yields to investors inevitably reaches a point of diminishing returns.

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Do You Know Your Value Pattern?

A value pattern helps identify the best ways to create value. Here are four steps to understanding value patterns and what they mean for your organization.

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Corporate Development & Finance in Australia & New Zealand

Four Best Practices for Strategic Planning

Now more than ever, companies need to devote time to strategy. But far too many strategic-planning processes fall short. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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The 2015 Australian Value Creators Report

The strongest companies in Australia created superior value despite a subdued market. Regardless of their size or sector, these companies delivered growth in revenues and profit margins.

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Think Like an Activist

Activist investors can pressure companies to make disruptive and risky changes. Take a preemptive strike against them by following these five steps.

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The CFO’s Mandate

Rich Veldran, CFO of Dun & Bradstreet, explains the CFO’s role as a champion for shareholder value.

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Corporate Development & Finance