Driving Automotive Transformation

In a rapidly changing automotive market, business transformation is crucial.

In the face of increasing volatility and complexity, many OEMs are transforming their strategies, operating models, organizations, people, and processes. Transformation is a multilevel, cross-functional effort that’s driven by rapid changes in the industry. BCG is collaborating with leading OEMs worldwide to help transform their businesses. 

BCG has identified four critical factors that drive successful business transformation:

Define a Clear Target Picture and Direction

  • Define the target picture early.
  • Clearly translate the picture into key actions plans, board agenda, and governance changes.
  • Build the target on an indisputable baseline.
  • “Oversteer” to reach overall ambition level.

Focus on the Right Topics

  • Provide a clear distinction of global and strategic versus regional optimization.
  • Focus on key levers with high impact.
  • Enhance the program over time to keep priorities in line.
  • Cover core value chain steps.

Clear the Program Guidance

  • Ensure CEO/CFO is in driver seat.
  • Create an activist PMO, pushing every day.
  • Track rigorously along implementation levels in the IT system.
  • Pursue close discussions and the guidance of executives.

Mobilize Leadership and Staff

  • Program monthly reporting to the board.
  • Secure midmanagement engagement.
  • Promote broad staff engagement and communication.
  • Experiment with innovative formats: idea slams, full-day future dialogues with CEO and CFO.