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Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals

Today’s world doesn’t lack for serious social, environmental, and economic challenges. BCG is driving major initiatives on a broad spectrum of social impact issues, closely aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The SDGs serve as the basis for much of BCG’s work across the public, private, and social sectors—from building a business case for reviving the world’s oceans, to forging a path to education reform for more than 2 million students in India.


Increased access to quality education is a lynchpin to both economic and social development. BCG has been a catalyst for education reform in the developing world, championed digital technologies to teach students the skills they need to be employable in today’s economy, and devised new and more effective approaches to teacher training.

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Global Health

Epidemics and other global health threats affect individuals, societies, and the entire world economy. BCG helped organize the global response to Ebola—and then applied the lessons learned to efforts to combat the Zika virus. We’ve established effective public-private partnerships to eradicate deadly diseases such as malaria. We’re also a pioneer in the field of value-based health care, an approach that delivers improved health outcomes at lower cost.

Learn more about our work on global health with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Sustainable Food Systems

One out of every 9 people in the world today is hungry, and chronic hunger is so widespread among children that it stunts the growth of 1 out of every 5. BCG has tackled the problem of chronic childhood hunger, devised a transformative strategy for the World Food Programme’s food security program, and analyzed the role of sustainable food systems in responding to global climate change.

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Access to Water

Some 780 million people around the world lack access to clean water; demand is estimated to outpace supply by 40% in 2030. BCG has proposed new approaches to sanitation in an era of rapid urbanization, developed scenarios to cope with water insecurity in South Africa, and is working to convene a global public-private partnership to guarantee water security in societies around the world.

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Environment and Climate

Environmental sustainability, including solutions to global climate change, is a social and economic imperative. It’s also a major business opportunity. BCG is partnering with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to safeguard the world’s oceans, advising energy companies on the latest technologies to address green energy challenges, and working with our clients to transform the environmental sustainability of their businesses.

Learn more about BCG’s work with WWF

Economic Development

The field of economic development needs new ways of thinking and fresh approaches. BCG has designed programs to overcome obstacles to employment among disadvantaged youths and refugees; used mobile apps to transform local economies in sub-Saharan Africa; and launched a Sustainable Economic Development Assessment tool to help shape national strategies and priorities. Meanwhile, we’re advancing a job-creation strategy as the ultimate competitive test for businesses.

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Humanitarian Response

Sometimes, the most important work in humanitarian response happens in between moments of crisis. BCG helps humanitarian organizations improve their return on investment in emergency preparedness, test new models for the financial support of refugees, and tackle the refugee integration challenge in Europe.

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Women in the Economy

Women around the world are a powerful source of global growth. But despite much progress, they still face obstacles to full inclusion in the global economy. BCG is focusing on innovative ways to reduce these obstacles—for example, by bridging the entrepreneurship gender gap and making the business case for paid family leave.

Explore an infographic about the impact of the gender gap in the global oil and gas industry

Social Impact