Technology & Digital challenge

Technology & Digital

Tackling the Challenge of Technology-Driven Transformation

Across industries, technology is changing everything. It’s become embedded in products and services and is essential for core processes and service delivery. CEOs and business leaders must ask: How can we manage digital innovation, digitize and support the core business, and reduce complexity and risk? How do we accelerate the digital transformation? How do we create value with our technology function—now and in the future?

Technologies like AI and the cloud change and evolve the way we work. Learn more about adapting to these new innovations.

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To transform the digital customer journey, BCG reimagines the entire experience by addressing customers’ major pain points and unmet needs, deploying digital technologies, and streamlining underlying processes through techniques such as lean, automation, and robotics.

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ING Bank Netherlands partnered with BCG to adopt an end-to-end agile model to accelerate and enhance its responsiveness to clients.

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The successful company of the future will blend human and technological capabilities.

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Technology & Digital