Mapping the Future of Data and Software

We empower inquisitive talent to help us create solutions that solve the complex business challenges of tomorrow. With a combination of cutting-edge technologies, data analysis, premium design, and strategy, we transform BCG’s unique intellectual property into products that support our teams globally and provide world-class solutions.

Omnia is Latin for “all things,” which encapsulates our approach. BCG Omnia brings together diverse talent—including consultants, software and data engineers, designers, product managers, and many more—and aims to combine a product mindset with consulting expertise to extend BCG’s impact.

Ludger Kübel-Sorger
Managing Director & Senior Partner, Global Leader BCG Omnia

Why BCG Omnia

BCG Omnia is looking ahead to solve our clients’ most complex challenges. We are mapping the future of software and data and exploring new programs that redefine the client experience in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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BCG Omnia Career Paths

Product & Business Management. We set the strategic agenda, manage complex products, build customer channels, and develop strategies to help the business grow.

Client Delivery & Topic Expertise. We collaborate with BCG’s experts across industries and capabilities to deliver world-class solutions and provide industry and functional expertise.

Engineering & Technology. We solve challenging engineering problems, taking a user-centered approach to design and build state-of-the-art technology solutions.

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