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Previous Editions

What former BCG Strategy Weekend participants would like to share:

The overall program was a success! But what made the difference were the ambiance and the kindness of the consultants. Moreover, the number of participants was neither too small nor too big; it’s a perfect mix of people and personalities!

I already knew BCG quite well, but participating in the Strategy Weekend still brought clarification and made it much more tangible. I really appreciated the fact that we were constantly together with junior consultants, and I think it is remarkable that senior people like principals and partners spent so much time with us.

I think it was the perfect mix between work and play, because the play part was also an excellent way to really get to know each other—which I really liked.

I was excited about the activities of every moment: sheer enjoyment, outstanding organization, and a perfect mix of social, fun, and insightful activities.

All consultants and associates were very open and easy to get in touch with. Especially during the case solving, I really liked the one-to-one interaction with them!

BCG Strategy Weekend