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BCG Thought Leadership

People Priorities in Response to COVID-19

People Priorities in Response to COVID-19

Effective people-centric solutions—in areas such as workforce flexibility, corporate purpose, and digital readiness—can play a big role in helping companies find their way through the crisis.

COVID-19 - Reaction, Rebound, Recession, and Reimagination

Reaction, Rebound, Recession, and Reimagination

Leaders have an obligation to look beyond the COVID-19 crisis. Individual companies, and society as a whole, will have the opportunity to reimagine norms, behaviors, and collaboration models.

COVID-19 Investor Pulse Check #1

BCG’s ongoing survey provides insights on the US market and economy direct from the portfolio managers and senior analysts making buy, sell, and hold decisions right now.

The Oil Price Shock(s) of 2020

The Oil Price Shock(s) of 2020

On top of the demand shock in the oil market, sparked by COVID-19, is a supply shock that could flood the market. Even robust oil companies will face threats to their business.

Reinventing Corporate and Investment Banks

Reinventing Corporate and Investment Banks

CIBs that take action in six critical areas can dramatically improve their cost-to-income ratios and returns on equity, creating a more prosperous and sustainable future.

COVID-19’s Impact on Global M&A

M&A can play a major role in helping companies survive the crisis. Preparation, steady nerves, and a willingness to be bold are the keys to success.

Governing in the Time of Coronavirus

To maintain people’s trust and prepare for the unprecedented challenges that lie ahead, government leaders must avoid some common mistakes.

Fighting COVID-19 in Africa Will Be Different

The impact of COVID-19 in Africa may be mitigated by the youthful population—but a constrained health system and high incidence of other health conditions will intensify the challenge.

Managing the Cyber Risks of Remote Work

With millions of office employees suddenly working from home, companies are more exposed to cyber attack than ever before. Take these seven steps now to protect your IT and sensitive data.

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