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BCG Thought Leadership

How to Change Course on Climate

How to Change Course on Climate

The situation is dire, but it’s not too late. Here are some steps that countries, companies, and investors can take to start tackling today’s greatest existential threat.

Davos and the Leadership Zeitgeist

Davos and the Leadership Zeitgeist

The 2020 World Economic Forum meeting showed leaders thinking in broader terms and over longer timescales, writes BCG’s Martin Reeves. Climate change and multi-stakeholder capitalism dominated the conversation.

Lessons from Best-in-Class CFOs

Lessons from Best-in-Class CFOs

Only a few CFOs lead finance functions that truly outperform in both efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s what sets them apart.

Winning the ’20s in Health Care

The next decade will bring disruptive megatrends, including digital technology innovation and slowing global growth. Health care organizations must prepare for these changes now.

How Procurement Unlocks Value-Based Health Care

Hospitals are increasingly buying medtech products and services less on the basis of initial purchase price and more on the total value they create—for patients, clinical staff, and society.

The Power of Distributed Organization Design

BCG’s proprietary OrgBuilder tool lets companies rapidly achieve design and talent objectives by mobilizing and synchronizing the actions of thousands of individuals throughout the enterprise.

The Next Leadership Agenda for Private Equity

If the last decade was a golden age for PE, the next one could be more gilded. Funds have the potential to deliver exponential growth—provided firms make the needed strategic and operational changes.

Optimistic, Collaborative, Persistent

The future will not be as dire as many predict—so long as we work together to meet our most pressing challenges and apply the solutions with diligence and consistency.

Are You Ready to Transform?

Change is hard, but readiness is all. Companies prepared to manage the leader, people, and program journeys can double their chances of success.

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