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Escaping the Doghouse: Winning in Commoditized Markets

Commoditization is often seen as the kiss of death for an industry. Boding ominously for profit margins, it brings slowing growth, falling prices, and increasing competition. In recent years, the process of commoditization has accelerated. Company life cycles have halved in the past 20 years—markets mature faster and incumbents are more and more at risk of commoditization.

But does commoditization have to be bad for every company? While many fail to navigate this commoditization process effectively, others are able exploit it and flourish. 

These are the best strategies to address increasing commoditization:

  • Assess the current basis and project the future basis for advantage.
  • Identify winning business models.
  • Consider resegmenting by business model.

Digital Opportunities for the Oil and Gas Industry

BCG's Sylvain Santamarta explains how digital can disrupt the entire oil and gas supply chain—bringing strategic opportunities to upstream, refining, retail, and trading.

How to Thrive in an Era of Volatile Oil Prices

Volatile oil prices present challenges and opportunities for producers, energy service companies, and processing industries.

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Decommissioning Operations in Oil & Gas

Decommissioning Collaboration: Reflections from NexStep’s First Year

Decommissioning Collaboration: Reflections from NexStep’s First Year

Graeme Ferguson of Decom Energy on Lessons from Dunlin

The Global Urgency of Decommissioning in the Oil & Gas Industry

Energy and Environment in Belgium

When Fuels Compete: The Evolving Dynamic of Global Energy Markets

Energy industry participants, investors, and regulators must understand their exposure to a variety of potential scenarios, each of which could have significant implications on sources of competitive advantage, capital allocation, and regulation.

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Shaping a Vision for Belgium's Power Landscape

Belgium’s current power policy may have significant ramifications for the country, including sharp increases in power costs for both residents and industry, a steep increase in carbon dioxide emissions related to power generation, and decreased energy independence.

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Value Creation in Power and Gas

Despite the increasingly challenging business environment of recent years, a number of power and gas companies have managed to generate solid returns for their investors. A critical reason for this is the companies’ heavy emphasis on returning cash to their shareholders.

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Driving Value in Upstream Support Functions

Upstream support functions must excel in a wide range of areas, including supply chain management, logistics, asset protection, IT, and partner relationships.

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Exploration and Production Supplier Contracts: Where Does All the Value Go?

Eleven sources of value leakage between E&P companies and suppliers.

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Postmerger Integration for Energy Players

Roughly half of all mergers and acquisitions fail to create shareholder value, largely because companies pay insufficient attention to postmerger integration (PMI). Successful PMI in the energy sector maximizes cost synergies, organizes teams to mirror the value drivers of the merger, and designs a workable organization structure for the combined company.

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12 Exploration and Production Integration Lessons

Successful E&P integration efforts follow 12 critical rules about people engagement, leadership, and synergy realization.

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Three Steps Power Companies Must Take to Adapt to a Changing Industry

BCG's Sabine Stock discusses what power generators must do to adjust to the wider transformation: become more focused on cost cutting; pay more attention to flexibility, particularly when it comes to staffing; and apply new ways of approaching maintenance routines.

Fixing Europe’s Power Generation Market

The energy policies of Europe have created a seriously flawed power market that’s driving companies to rethink their business models and portfolios.

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Eight Steps to Operational Excellence for Transmission Companies

Top-performing energy network operators employ eight best practices to improve both efficiency and effectiveness.

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A Roadmap for Mitigating Greenhouse Gases

In order to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, companies need detailed roadmaps that fit their needs and context—and that keep them focused on long-term goals.

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