Commodity Markets Insights Suite

BCG’s Commodity Markets Insights suite is helping companies develop tailored scenarios.

The Commodity Markets Insights suite provides qualified long-term price forecasts for all major commodities, including copper, gold, zinc, aluminum, iron ore, and coal. The suite examines where prices are headed by analyzing macroeconomic trends, providing segment insights, and accessing a scenario toolkit.

The outcome is much more than just another price forecast. The suite examines macroeconomic trends, GDP scenarios, demographic shifts, and early warning indicators. Segment insights include qualitative and quantitative analyses of important segments and comprehensive deep dives on critical demand categories and regions. A scenarios toolkit offers a powerful way to simulate almost any variation in assumptions or input drivers, including an assessment of potential disruptions and their likelihood.

Unlike most conventional commodity analyses, the specifics of the BCG modeling technique allow for meaningful ten-year long-term forecasts.

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