Getting the MOST Out of Mining Operations

BCG’s Mine Operating Systems Transformation (MOST) tool provides a systematic approach that focuses resources where they’re needed most.

Transforming a mining operation is, by definition, a big undertaking. Where to start, what to do, and in what order to do it are all vital questions, with more wrong answers than right ones.

BCG’s MOST tool helps ensure that investments made in transformational efforts pay off with measurable and sustained returns. The lessons from the MOST approach have been used in more than 150 mine operations projects in the past five years.

MOST delivers on the promise of transformation in three stages. First, priorities are set through a maturity-based analysis that pinpoints the least-mature elements of an organization—say, its training programs or performance management structure—which are often the critical limiting factors for the company as a whole.

Then, based on identified priorities, unit performance is optimized across three integrated dimensions: effective management systems, efficient physical assets, and people excellence. Client teams “learn by doing” and develop and implement initiatives backed by a proven lean-in-mining curriculum.

Finally, the MOST program helps ensure that mining companies are prepared for the transformational impact of new technologies. These include future advances in autonomous trucking, remote operations, and other facets of “next-generation mining.” The MOST program is backed by 75 industry experts from BCG, covering all regions of the globe.

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