Digitalization in Materials and Process Industries

The Challenge and Opportunity

Digital technologies are changing the world—and changing the way organizations do business. Companies that embrace digitalization can engender new strategies, generate new products and services, and transform the value chain. Through digitalization, these companies can realize unprecedented digital efficiencies, optimize cost and pricing models, and deliver unique offerings.

The Center for Digital in Industrials partners with leading companies in metals, mining, chemicals, building materials, agribusiness, and forest products, paper, and packaging (FPPP) to improve their decision making and their results through the smart and strategic application of new digital technologies and advanced analytics. Our teams help define your digital vision and strategy, build new businesses, transform your core business, and adopt new ways of working, such as agile.

Mission & Objectives

BCG’s Center for Digital in Industrials delivers integrated digital offerings. Our expert teams apply new digital technologies and advanced analytics and re-envision the ways of working to create transformative business improvement. 

The center helps leading companies realize the promise of digital by staying ahead of the technological developments particularly relevant to industrials. We customize these digital levers and deliver the full range of capabilities required to serve the unique needs of each client. And we bring to bear precisely the right specialists that each individual situation demands.

The center provides five competitive advantages to clients in metals, mining, chemicals, building materials, agribusiness, and FPPP. 

  • Cross-Functional and Expert Team. A cadre of experienced, multidisciplinary experts on digital transformation in industrials 
  • Platforms. Proprietary, integrated business solutions leveraging digital and structural levers 
  • Technology Radar. Latest insights into technology trends, the intellectual property landscape, and developments in venture capital 
  • Thought Leadership. Knowledge-sharing platform for transformation approach and digital trends in industrials 
  • Specialist Network. Access to an active network of internal and external specialists, including entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, and data scientists.

Global Leadership

  • Strategy development
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Postmerger integration
  • Operational efficiency
  • Global head of the Center for Digital in Industrials
  • Leader, Future Value Chain platform
  • Global leadership team, digital supply chain and go-to-market
  • Metals and building materials industries
  • Operational Leader, BCG's Center for Digital in Industrials
  • Digital go-to-market transformation and sales
  • Digital supply chain in metals and process industries
  • Predictive analytics and big data

Featured Experts

  • Leads BCG's global work in metals
  • Steel
  • Engineered products
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Leads BCG's Chemicals sector
  • Value creation and growth strategies
  • Digital strategies in front-end functions and in operations
  • Commercial and sales excellence
  • Expert in multiple chemical segments
  • Digital (transformation) in chemicals
  • Portfolio strategy
  • Due diligence and transaction support
  • Materials and process industries leader for Central and Western Europe, Middle East and South America
  • Metals and mining
  • Digital process redesign
  • Commercial excellence
  • Leads BCG’s Melbourne office
  • Leads Industrial Goods practice in Australia and New Zealand
  • Technology-enabled transformation
  • Strategy
  • Leads BCG's Industrial Goods practice in the UK, NL, and B
  • Corporate, business, and digital strategy
  • Joint ventures and alliances
  • Operating model and organization redesign
  • Leads BCG GAMMA in BCG’s Northeast Asia System
  • Data and analytics
  • Construction/ building materials
  • Strategy
  • Strategy development
  • Transformation and turnaround
  • Organization design
  • Operations excellence
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, across sectors
  • Digital and IT in energy (power and gas and oil and gas)
  • Digital and IT in industrial goods (mainly material process industries and infrastructures)
  • Data and digital platforms
  • Digital supply chain in metals and process industries
  • Predictive analytics and big data
  • Digital transformation
  • Industrial goods

Network of Experts and Specialists

The Center for Digital in Industrials combines business generalists and functional and industry experts who possess in-depth digital know-how with skilled developers, data scientists, and user-experience designers who know how to translate business insights into working systems and applications.


The extensive ecosystem of digital experts and partnerships fully support clients on their digital journey.

Center for Digital in Industrials