Solutions and Tools for Change Management Success

The success of any change program relies on an organization’s ability to address the imperatives in change management.

The time-tested fundamentals of change management—practices focusing on leadership, employee engagement, governance, and executional rigor—remain as essential and powerful as ever. But they are no longer sufficient.

In the digital era, change management must be a leader-led, value-focused, employee-centric, transparent and dynamic effort.

To satisfy these imperatives, companies can exploit some of the very same technologies that are triggering the transformation. Digital tools, with their reach and scalability, unlock opportunities to create powerful, new, and inviting ways for change to take root.

>> Is Your Change Management Approach Keeping Pace with Digital?

To address the four digital-era imperatives, BCG has developed a suite of change management methods and tools that can be overlaid on the foundational, integrated change management program to augment its impact. We partner with clients to tailor the right set of solutions for their particular change initiatives, ensuring that clients build up the internal capabilities needed to manage change in the future. Conceived as a systemic approach, this suite of solutions positions people at the core of the change process.

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