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Growth is the most important controllable driver of total shareholder return. Value-creating growth builds the advantages of scale and scope, attracts talent, and delivers funds for reinvestment. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on business growth for key insights into where to play and how to win.

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The Most Innovative Companies: An Interactive Guide

Over the past decade, BCG has surveyed senior executives around the world to assess the state of innovation. Explore the shifting patterns in BCG’s annual list of companies that executives see as the most innovative.

What Leaders Must Do Now

It would be an utter disaster if globalization were stopped in its tracks. To get the world moving again, leaders need to focus on one thing: delivering inclusive growth.

The Four Keys to Organizing Growth

To sustain long-term growth, organizations need to carefully select their strategies, leadership teams, competencies, and organizational models.

How Global Companies Can Transform to Optimize for Growth

To meet the changes brought forth by economic nationalism and digital technologies, global companies must rethink the solutions they sell—and how they sell these solutions to local markets.

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