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The Importance of Value-Creating Growth

Value-creating growth builds the advantages of scale and scope, attracts talent, delivers funds for reinvestment, and forces competitor investment. 

Put simply, growth is the most important controllable driver of total shareholder return.

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For Growth, Starting Position Matters

When it comes to growth, where you start matters. Not all growth is good. Three starting position archetypes offer insight into which growth moves are most likely to pay off.

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Growth in Brazil

Capturing Retail Growth in Brazil’s Rising Interior

BCG’s analysis shows a striking mismatch between the places where Brazil's leading retailers operate today and the sites of future demand growth.

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Creating Value in Brazil’s No-Growth Environment

Opportunities to create value for shareholders can be found in Brazil, but companies accustomed to easy growth will need to fundamentally recalibrate their approach.

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Four Essentials for Good Growth

Delivering value-creating growth demands discipline and, often, a change in mindset.

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Growth Options: Where to Play, How to Win

Achieving value-creating growth is about choices concerning where to play and how to win.

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The Four Keys to Organizing Growth

To sustain long-term growth, organizations need to carefully select their strategies, leadership teams, competencies, and organizational models.

Growth is imperative. It’s possible in nearly all sectors. But it’s perilous. Which of the many avenues to growth will create lasting value? This e-book offers BCG's thinking on how to chart a winning growth path.

When the Growing Gets Tough: Charting Your Path to Value-Creating Growth

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