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Prepare to Build a Digital Organization

In digital transformations, the role of leaders, especially the CEO, becomes even more critical because of the magnitude of change, degree of disruption, and power of inertia.

Boosting Performance Through Organization Design

Companies that adopt agile ways of working are five times more likely to enjoy faster growth and higher profits than their peers. Several other elements of good organization design can also help.

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Getting Leadership and Talent Right

Companies that excel in leadership and talent can achieve more than twice the mean revenue growth of companies that lag in that area.

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People & Organization in Brazil

How Brazilian Companies Can Maximize Their Investment in Diversity

Brazilian companies are investing significantly in gender diversity. There are some individual stories of success, but, in general, Brazil’s progress to this area is still slow. Some find challenger to recognize initiatives that are truly efficient to promote changes. Interviews and researches with 14 of the biggest companies in Brazil provided a report of what has been effective to their employees and also what opportunities leaders can recognize to maximize their efforts and have better impact in diversity.

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How to Set Up Great Human Resources Functions

Superior people management boosts economic performance.

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Seven Crucial Levers for Culture Change

Leading organizations make the most of seven critical levers that influence behavior and shape organizational culture.

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The Change Delta

The Change Delta is a comprehensive approach that focuses energy and resources on the change elements that matter most.

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People & Organization