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Our Latest Thinking on People & Organization

Organizations working toward digital transformation must also rethink their ways of working, company culture, talent management, and reskilling strategies. Explore BCG’s latest thinking on people and organization to learn what this means for your business.

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New New Way of Working - Collection of Publications

The New New Way of Working

A wave of change is coming that will make the way we work almost unrecognizable to today’s business leaders. To succeed, they will need to discover new ways of organizing, performing, and leading, along with new approaches to recruiting, developing, and engaging employees.

New Public-Sector Leader

The New Public-Sector Leader

Governments and public agencies must make leader development a key pillar of their strategies for the future. Here’s how.

To Understand the Company of the Future, Head To a Jazz Club

Bring your business to new heights and study jazz to unlock new doors of cooperative teamwork and freewheeling innovation.

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Grant Freeland
Managing Director & Senior Partner

The Coming Recession: Be Smart When Others Are Fearful

Companies shouldn’t just try to make it through the next recession, they should find ways to grow and come out healthier and wealthier than before.

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Reaching Your Digital Tipping Point Requires An “All In” Effort

Companies must master and control emerging technologies to take charge of their next customized digital initiative.

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Artificial Intelligence, Work And Jobs: Preparing For AI's Uncertain Future

Millions of today’s jobs—thanks to AI and other technologies—won’t exist in the future or won't exist as we know them today. How do we prepare the workforce for the jobs of tomorrow?

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Talent Wins Games, Teamwork Wins Championships

Leaders should focus on collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork—as opposed to the performance of any single employee.

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Why Agile Work

Why Agile Works

Getting optimal results from agile requires a commitment to strategic clarity that is critical yet uncommon.

The Agile Upside in a Downturn

The Agile Upside in a Downturn

Agile boosts companies’ flexibility, adaptability, and ability to deal with change—all qualities they need in a downturn.

Making Agile Work

Too often, agile remains confined to software development.

People & Organization in Brazil

How Brazilian Companies Can Maximize Their Investment in Diversity

Brazilian companies are investing significantly in gender diversity. There are some individual stories of success, but, in general, Brazil’s progress to this area is still slow. Some find challenger to recognize initiatives that are truly efficient to promote changes. Interviews and researches with 14 of the biggest companies in Brazil provided a report of what has been effective to their employees and also what opportunities leaders can recognize to maximize their efforts and have better impact in diversity.

The New Freelancers Tapping Talent in the Gig Economy

The New Freelancers: Tapping Talent in the Gig Economy

The rise of digital labor-sharing platforms may seem like a threat to workers' rights, but new research suggests otherwise. Freelancers—and the companies that hire them—have much to gain in the expanding gig economy.

Decoding Global Talent

Emerging trends in the world of work include the UK's decline as a destination and increased expectations everywhere for a better work-life balance.

The Future of Work

BCG partners with the World Economic Forum to develop a blueprint that helps companies manage changes and challenges in the future of work.

Organizing for a Digital Future

Organizing for a Digital Future

Digital does not change the principles of organizational design and governance. But because the capabilities and cadence of digital and traditional ways of working can be so different, leaders must approach digital thoughtfully.

Boosting Performance Through Organization Design

Companies that adopt agile ways of working are five times more likely to experience faster growth and higher profits than those that don’t. Several other elements of good organization design can also help.

The Leadership Series

BD’s Vincent Forlenza on Transforming in a Rapidly Changing Industry

BD’s Vincent Forlenza on Transforming in a Rapidly Changing Industry

RBC's Dave McKay on Reinventing Banking for the Digital Age

An Interview with Inga Beale: Leading the Insurance Market to a Digital Future

Ralph Hamers on Disrupting the Banking Industry

Jim Whitehurst on the Open Organization: A Conversation with the CEO of Red Hat

Gavin Patterson - The Power of Convergence

The Solvay Journey: Asking More from Transformation

The Importance of Timing

The Journey Toward a Sustainable World

Harnessing the Power of Scale

Doug Ingram on a Transformation That Generated $20 Billion in Value

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