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BCG Strategy cup

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the prerequisites for participating in the Strategy Cup?

How do I join the Strategy Cup?

I have already participated in the BCG recruiting process. Can I also participate in the Strategy Cup?

Can I participate in the Strategy Cup even if I do not meet the prerequisites for registration?

Can I participate in the Strategy Cup test as a trainer?

Where can I take the BCG test? Will there be a test at the office?

Can I do a group registration?

If I am not able to take the online test on the scheduled date, will there be more date options?

On Step 2 “Individual screening,” will all of the items (résumé, school transcript, cover letter, and video) carry the same weight?

How will BCG choose the groups?

One member of my group dropped out, what should I do?

A member of my group was not in one of the face-to-face steps. Will he/she be disqualified?

I did not send the material on the pre-determined deadline. What do I need to do once I realize it?

If I fail at any step, can I receive feedback on the reason?

Will BCG pay the associated costs?

Can the designated BCG-mentor help me perform analyses and work on the deck?

I know other BCGers beside my BCG-mentor. Can I ask them for help?

How many people will be in my group?

I am not happy with the members of my group. Can I change?

What are the steps of the Strategy Cup?

If I win the Strategy Cup, when will I have an interview?

If you have any other questions, please contact us:

BCG Strategy Cup