The Hard Charger & the Change Leader

As change accelerates, it creates equal challenges and opportunities. Bridgett and Juliana help keep BCG and our clients ahead of the curve, no matter how steep the turn.

Racing to Stay Two Steps Ahead

Bridgett has earned the nickname “Fast Feet” in BCG’s Boston office. That’s because you’ll often find her sprinting down the hallway to track down colleagues rather than picking up the phone or jotting an e-mail. “I guess I’m old school that way,” she says. “But I can’t wait for a response on a lot of the projects I’m working on; my job is to stay two steps ahead. And besides, I learn a lot more face to face.”


But I can’t wait for a response on a lot of the projects I’m working on; my job is to stay two steps ahead. And besides, I learn a lot more face to face.

A member of BCG’s Business Services Team, Bridgett’s official title is financial analysis manager. But she describes her job as being an anticipator for BCG North America, continuously forecasting what resources the region needs to stay ahead of rapidly changing markets and client needs. Bridgett and her team provide the insights that BCG’s management needs to make vital decisions about everything from personnel to pricing strategies.

“Our management team is always coming up with great ideas,” says Bridgett. “Our job is to figure out how to make them happen.” She likens fast-paced team meetings to the intensity of a newsroom—constantly evaluating priorities, bouncing ideas off one another, and challenging each other with “what if” scenarios. The process ensures that BCG is always ready, no matter what the future may bring. “We need to be prepared to answer the questions of the smartest people in the room—because we work with the smartest people in the room.”

Bridgett credits her father for her nothing-is-impossible spirit—“He had me mixing cement and chopping wood when I was only six”—and BCG’s strong, supportive culture for keeping her fast-paced life “on the rails.” To maintain her edge under pressure—and let off some steam after a long day—she kickboxes four to five nights a week and participates in extreme sports events, like the Spartan Race, with her husband. “I think it’s really empowering for our daughters to see their mom and dad do athletic things together.”

"I think of myself as a ‘connector’ on our North American team. I connect people with possibilities, so BCG can continue to innovate and grow.”


Transforming Companies and Cultures in Brazil

Brazil was booming when Juliana joined BCG’s São Paulo office in 2008. After nearly five years of working in telecommunications, including two years at Brazil’s largest telco, Juliana went back to school to earn her MBA, and BCG was her first choice to accelerate her career after interning for the company the summer before.

“My career had plateaued,” Juliana explains. “While I enjoyed telecommunications, I felt that there was so much more that I wanted to learn, so much more I wanted to do, and so much more I wanted to grow. Working for BCG has given me that opportunity—perhaps more than anywhere else I could have chosen.”


BCG really stretches you, because you’re working with new problems and learning different industries all of the time.

Juliana’s decision turned out to be well-timed, as the crowded telecom industry consolidated and, after several robust years, Brazil’s economy stalled, eventually sliding into recession. Instead of falling victim to the volatility, Juliana’s career took off by helping BCG clients transform their operations and meet new challenges. Since 2008, BCG’s São Paulo office has been growing substantially, hiring top talent and expanding capabilities to meet changing client needs—whether investing for growth during the boom or reengineering for efficiency during the downturn.

According to Juliana, “BCG really stretches you, because you’re working with new problems and learning different industries all of the time. It takes you out of your comfort zone and inspires you to grow.” As a principal at BCG, Juliana takes pride in helping her project teams develop professionally, too, through continuous mentorship and training. “Among the most rewarding parts of my job is helping associates to grow—not only to become great consultants but to become great people.”

Building Successful Families and Careers

In addition to their unlimited drive, Bridgett and Juliana share another common bond—both are committed mothers of two young children. With BCG’s support, Bridgett worked on an 80% schedule for three years, enabling her to balance work and home life; Juliana has chosen to work primarily on local consulting projects, so she can continue to expand her career while still spending most nights and weekends with her family.

BCG offers numerous programs for working mothers and fathers, including flex time and leaves of absence. “Everyone’s needs are different,” says Juliana. “BCG enables us to choose a solution that’s right for us—and to adapt those solutions as our career and family needs change.”

Photography by Paolo Pellegrin of Magnum Photos

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