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We design and build powerful, analytics-based solutions to help our clients tackle their most pressing business problems.

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What Is a Data Scientist at BCG?

In a data scientist job, you will design and build solutions for our clients when data and analytics are at the heart of the question. You will own the full analytics value chain, end to end: framing new business challenges, building fact bases, designing innovative algorithms, creating scale by creating tools and apps, and training colleagues and clients in new solutions.

How Will You Create Impact?

You'll be part of interdisciplinary teams, collectively delivering a unique combination of domain expertise, analytics know-how, and leading technologies. Data scientist teams work together on the use of statistical programs and other tools to conduct intensive analysis of objective data and open discussion, along with objective research into the competitive environment.

Data scientists celebration

“We worked with a nonprofit to see how self-driving cars and ridesharing would decrease traffic congestion, reduce CO2 emissions, and improve travel times. Using cutting-edge modeling methodology to create a virtual replica of the city of Boston and all its traffic—and interviewing over 1,000 people about ridesharing and autonomous vehicles—we created several realistic future traffic scenarios in which people increasingly rely on autonomous ridesharing vehicles and mini buses. According to our modeling, the effect will be dramatic. The average number of vehicles on the road will decrease by 6% and travel time will improve by 4%. CO2 emissions will drop by 50%, and the need for parking will decrease by 48%—since autonomous vehicles can drive themselves home.”

—Oliver Bandte, Principal Data Scientist, BCG GAMMA

A team of data scientists celebrates the completion of a modeling-methodology project that shows the potential environmental and lifestyle impact of self-driving cars and ridesharing.

How Will We Help You Grow?

As you advance in your career, you'll start to become a recognized expert in data science. You will work with the industry’s most advanced tools and technologies and expand your analytical capabilities and operational acumen. You'll also learn how to build—and manage teams that build—innovative new products and analytics solutions.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for people with deep technical and data science expertise, acute strategic and analytical skills, the ability to lead and persuade, and the drive, energy, and desire to work in a project-based environment on strategic issues. Typically, our data scientists have degrees in fields such as computer sciences, engineering, statistics, applied mathematics, or machine learning.

We are interested in individuals who are familiar with a broad base of analytic tools and coding languages, such as SQL, R, Python, and SPSS. We also look for those with experience applying advanced analytics to business problem solving.

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