Agile Transformation at ING

Competing in a world in which digital innovators are setting high customer expectations demands that companies seeking to respond faster to changing customer requirements find a new way of working. For help in organizing around interconnected and customer-focused missions, ING Bank Netherlands partnered with BCG to adopt an end-to-end agile model based on squads, chapters, and tribes of employees to accelerate and enhance their responsiveness to clients.

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Nick Jue on Transforming ING Netherlands and Introducing an Agile Way of Working

With fintechs and other new players disrupting the financial services sector, traditional institutions need to be faster and more flexible than ever before. ING Netherlands is one bank that responded to the new market dynamics by adopting agile practices, completely changing the way it works.

Nick Jue, who has been with ING since 1993, is currently the CEO of ING in Germany. In his previous role as CEO of ING Netherlands, he introduced an agile way of working in order to best position the company to respond to new competitors and find new sources of advantage in a rapidly changing world.

Nick spoke with Martin Danoesastro, a senior partner and managing director in The Boston Consulting Group’s Amsterdam office, about the reasoning behind and the results of the company’s transformation, and the key success factors.

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