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An Atlas of Strategy Traps

Exploring new options versus exploiting existing ones is the trade-off at the heart of business strategy. With increasing change and unpredictability across industry sectors, finding an optimal balance between new and existing options is more important than ever.

An Atlas of Strategy Traps is BCG's interactive guide to the various strategy traps that can be encountered when balancing between exploration and exploitation, highlighting both "sirens" (warning signs) and "lighthouses" (best practices). The atlas illustrates these traps with examples from business and beyond, drawing upon advances in algorithmic theory as well as more colorful lessons provided by famous explorers and inventors. With the atlas, executives can better spot the potential traps and make timely course corrections along the way.


Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

The competitive environments companies face today are increasingly diverse. In order to win, leaders need to match their strategy style with their environment. Your Strategy Needs a Strategy offers insights on how to compete in the five strategic environments companies face today.

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How Data Will Transform Business

What does the future of business look like? BCG’s Philip Evans shares a quick primer on two long-standing theories in strategy—and explains why he thinks they are essentially invalid.

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Strategy in Brazil

Brazil’s Next Consumer Frontier: Capturing Growth in the Rising Interior

Brazil’s wealth is spreading far beyond its major metropolitan areas, but most companies are poorly positioned to capture this critical opportunity.

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Taking a Portfolio Approach to Growth Investments

One of the most powerful growth tools available for CEOs and CFOs is a company’s strategy for allocating capital across its portfolio.

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Four Approaches to Business Model Innovation

Companies hoping to drive growth through business model innovation should understand four distinct approaches.

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