The Comeback Kids

Lessons from Successful Turnarounds

For leadership teams, turning around a troubled company represents the truest test of their performance. The 11 stories here detail some of the most successful turnaround initiatives in the world over the past decade. Facing clear challenges, these companies—the Comeback Kids—have taken the tough measures necessary to dramatically improve their profit margins and generate substantial value for shareholders. As a group, they have outperformed the S&P Global 1200 by 46 percentage points since 2013. They illustrate the value of strong and decisive leadership and a structured approach to turnarounds—in situations where the stakes could not be higher.

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Transformations that Work and Why
How did Nordic companies succeed while others failed? Anders Madsen identifies the three key elements of their approach.

"Companies that are strong today can see disruption on the horizon, and performance just two years out is far from given."