Canada Can Lead the World in Low-Carbon Tech—If It Avoids the Sins of the Past

Canada’s burgeoning low-carbon tech sector could capture an outsize share of the US$21 trillion in new investment over the next decade, but significant action from Canada’s public and private sector leaders is needed today to avoid missing the opportunity.

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Green Hydrogen is a Golden Opportunity for Quebec—If We Act Now

Quebec is ideally situated to be a leader in the green hydrogen market, but we are currently underinvesting. To avoid being locked out, Quebec government and companies need to act now.

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It’s Time to Scale Carbon Capture in Canada

Recent announcements have brought new momentum to the build-out of carbon capture in Canada, which is critical to achieving our climate targets and long-term economic competitiveness. It’s now time for both the public and private sectors to build on this momentum and seize the carbon capture opportunity.

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The Trillion Dollar Question: How to Survive and Thrive in Canada’s Post-Vaccine Normal?

BCG's Centre for Canada's Future launched a program to gather perspectives on how Canada can survive & thrive in the post-vaccine normal.

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A $2T Banking Climate Opportunity Hiding in Plain Sight

Consumers and small businesses account for nearly one-fifth of Canada’s carbon emissions. Who will help finance their transition to greener cars, homes and offices?

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Small Actions, Big Impact: How to Be an Ally at Work and Why it Matters

Our latest thinking on allyship highlights four questions for reflection to think critically about day-to-day ally actions that can bring about long-lasting cultural change.

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In the Balance: Future-proofing Canada’s digital infrastructure to unlock benefits for all

The national conversation on telecom pricing is often portrayed as a binary choice between low costs for consumers and high profits for industry. The reality is more complicated. BCG's latest research highlights the need for Canadian policymakers to balance affordability with quality, availability, investment, and innovation.

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Beyond Good Intentions: Bringing an Employee Lens to Diversity & Inclusion in Corporate Canada

BCG surveyed over 5000 employees at major Canadian corporations to get a bottom-up view of how women, LGBTQ2, people of colour, Indigenous people and Canadians with disabilities experience diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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The Moose in the Room: Insight into Canadian Debt and Deleveraging Scenarios

BCG examined data from 18 countries over the past 50 years with the goal of addressing one key question: if Canada were to experience a major deleveraging shock, what would it look like and how could Canadian companies prepare?

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Challenges to Canada’s Prosperity Are Larger Than Ever—But So Are the Opportunities

Canada has experienced impressive growth over the past two decades, but significant challenges lie ahead. To lay the foundation for ongoing economic success and a sustained quality of life, informed choices and bold action will be needed.

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Canada Is Too Big To Think Small

BCG and its partners in the CanInfra collaboration plan a conference and national contest to advance the conversation on the future of infrastructure in Canada.

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CyberCanada Senior Leadership Summit

The February 2018 summit brought together renowned thinkers in cybersecurity to assess the evolving cyber threats in Canada and to share ideas on how to protect Canada's core economic assets, businesses, and individuals.

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Making the Most of Diversity Dollars in Canada

The question is no longer “if” or “why” gender diversity is important, but rather “how to get there.” BCG recently completed a global study on this topic. The Canadian specific results provide a clear playbook on improving gender diversity for Canadian corporations.

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To celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, BCG takes a look at Canada‘s enormously successful past and bright future. To launch a series of studies advancing a national conversation about Canada’s future we begin with this examination of Canada’s prosperity.

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