Nicola Nicol joined Boston Consulting Group in May 2022, bringing more than 15 years of experience in managing digital risk and cybersecurity. She leads the firm’s Cybersecurity & Digital Risk practice for Australia and New Zealand.

Nicola has both industry and consulting experience. She has helped global organizations—including in financial services, government and the public sector, utilities and critical infrastructure, and education—solve complex digital risk challenges, including digital risk management, supply chain security, integrated security operating models, risk quantification, and security behavior change.

Nicola was awarded a fellowship from the Australian Information Security Association for her contribution to the security community and is active in promoting women in technology and cyber. She has received professional certificates from the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Warwick Business School, Operations Management.

Before joining the firm she was Australian Cyber and Digital Trust Partner at PwC; Executive Director, Cybersecurity and Technology Control in Corporate, Investment Bank and Cards businesses for JP Morgan Chase; Head of Audit, Group Security and Fraud at Lloyds Banking Group; and Global Head of Business Continuity and Head of Intelligence and Coordination, Royal Bank of Scotland.


  • Fellow of Australian Information Security Association (2021)
  • Chair WiCyS Australia Affiliate (2019 – 2021)
Deep Expertise, Broad Experience