The BCG Henderson Institute is governed by the Innovation Sounding Board—a group of senior BCG leaders dedicated to supporting, inspiring, and guiding upstream innovation at BCG. This group ensures maximum impact, from setting a holistic research agenda and priorities for the firm to providing guidance on core research projects.

Innovation Sounding Board

BHI leadership

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General Manager

Amanda Wikman runs BHI's operations and drives its international expansion. She is responsible for marketing and thought leadership strategy, recruiting, finance, and collaboration with external partners.

BCG Fellows

BCG’s teams seek insights to address each client's unique needs. At the same time, recognizing patterns across our work is the key to crafting industry-shaping ideas. Our most accomplished thought leaders are nominated as BCG Fellows and are supported over a multiyear period to develop and disseminate an innovative idea that they believe will create value for business leaders.


Ambassadors are BCG consultants selected from the firm’s offices around the world to drive research topics and support BCG project teams.

External Collaborators

BHI collaborates with external experts for specific topic expertise, as well as cross-pollination from a wide range of disciplines. In addition to deep collaborations with select thought leaders, the network includes practitioners, academic scholars, and researchers.

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