Lawrence Is a Imaginative Visionary

Managing Director & Partner, Toronto

At BCG, Visionaries navigate complexity with ease. They use their insight and intuition to identify the solutions that will create lasting impact. Lawrence connects the dots to see the bigger picture.

BCG has always provided a supportive home for me—from the time I started at the firm, to when I left for industry, to after I returned—and my colleagues at BCG have always been there as coaches, challengers, and mentors.

Lawrence Kuo

In Lawrence’s Words

I first joined BCG in 1999. While I had an engineering background, I have gained much wider experiences at BCG—including launching a digital business for a bank, supporting a global appliance merger, and developing growth strategies in food. BCG has taught me the business skills to drive change.

I quickly learned how invaluable these skills were when I left BCG in 2007. I spent six years leading the strategy group, digital video initiatives, and TV product for a leading telecom company. In an industry being rapidly disrupted, the analytical training and experience in communicating and driving new ideas that BCG provided was critical.

I returned to BCG in 2013 to a new set of challenges. As a leader for Technology, Media & Telecommunications, I’ve supported the growth of that practice. And as the lead recruiting partner in Canada, I’ve supported the development of our team. BCG has constantly provided me with new opportunities to learn and grow.

About Lawrence

Lawrence holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from Queen’s University, a master of science in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, and an MBA from Columbia University.


How has BCG helped you grow and succeed?

With an academic background and work experience as an engineer, I came to BCG with a bias that the answer based on logical thought was the most important thing. BCG taught me that this was only one component to creating impact. Through leading executive presentations, it became clear that the logical answer had little value without being able to communicate it in a concise and compelling manner. And without an understanding of what motivates and drives people, even a compelling answer can’t cause organizations to change. BCG gave me the opportunities to test and develop these critical skills.

What inspires you about BCG?

I constantly meet new people at all levels of BCG with different interests, passions, and ideas. The variety of backgrounds at BCG is incredible. My teams have included nuclear scientists, journalists, military leaders, professional entertainers, entrepreneurs—each person brings a different perspective. They are always looking at the world in different ways, which forces me to do the same.

If you weren’t working at BCG, what would you be doing?

If I weren’t working at BCG, I would be teaching science. Providing coaching and mentorship is a critical part of BCG and one of my favorite aspects of the job. With a background in engineering and working with clients in technology, media, and telecommunications, I would enjoy continuing in a scientific field. Add in that my wife is a teacher, and it all leads to a next career as a science teacher!

Lawrence Is a Imaginative Visionary