Mike Is a Courageous Explorer

Global IT Asset & Compliance Manager, Melbourne

At BCG, Explorers are unafraid to embark on new journeys. They try new solutions to untangle complex problems and drive transformational change. Mike has the courage to take action.

Working for BCG has literally changed the course of my life. I’ve lived and worked in the US, Europe, and Asia-Pacific and have met and worked with some incredible people along the way.

Mike O'Brien

In Mike’s Words

My background is in finance and accounting, but at BCG I was able to expand my knowledge into implementing and supporting financial applications. This experience led me to take my finance skills into the IT function, where I support budgeting, analysis, and asset management for the IT services group.

BCG has given me the opportunity to live and work around the world. During my 23 years (and counting) with the firm, I’ve worked in several different offices and lived in four different countries. What I discovered is that even when working with colleagues from different cultures who speak different languages, the BCG culture and values are consistent around the globe. I can say that deciding to work for BCG changed the course of my life and opened the door to experiences I hadn’t even considered.

About Mike

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from Providence College. He speaks English, Italian, and Spanish and is an avid tennis player and travel enthusiast.

What inspires you about BCG?

I find BCG’s commitment to social impact work quite inspiring. We have an extremely talented and diverse group of employees, and being able to dedicate some of those resources to helping social well-being around the globe is quite powerful. I’ll be participating in my first social impact assignment later in 2017, and I’m really excited for this opportunity.

What international experiences at BCG have been the most interesting for you?

Moving to Italy in 2000 was a life-changing experience. What started as a one year transfer ended up lasting 16 years. I learned a new language, traveled to many countries for work and pleasure, was introduced to many cultures, and ended up meeting my partner.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at BCG?

It’s a great company to work for, and I don’t think you would ever regret your decision to work for BCG. My advice would be to start your career with an open mind, grow your career organically, and get involved in the areas that interest you the most and not the ones that you think will get you up the ladder the fastest. If you have the opportunity and are able, I would highly recommend spending some time working in a different country. The professional and personal experiences are incredible.

Mike Is a Courageous Explorer