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Realize the Potential of Digital Marketing

The constant evolution of media is changing the way consumers interact with brands. To respond to this change and capture its potential, marketers must fundamentally reboot their strategies, organizational structures, and ways of working. Here’s how.

The Digital Marketing Revolution

Classic marketing techniques have no place in the digital age. It’s time to accelerate organizational change.

Transformation Is Essential to Global Success

The changes we are seeing today when it comes to marketing, sales, and pricing are huge. Digitization, globalization, changing customer pathways, and emerging commercial technologies are the biggest drivers. The gap is widening between best-in-class companies and those that are performing at average rates. Improving capabilities is the key to driving growth, and companies can do that by leveraging data and managing consumer needs.

Marketing & Sales

Rich Hutchinson on Achieving Value Through Marketing and Sales Transformation

In this video, BCG’s Rich Hutchinson explores the benefits that can be realized when marketing and sales transformation is done well.

The Go-to-Market Revolution

Fundamental changes in customer pathways, globalization, and data analytics are rapidly changing how businesses go to market across industries.

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Success Means Knowing Your Customer

Brands with the highest brand advocacy achieve revenue growth far above the industry average. Find out why.

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Onwards & Upwards: In Pursuit of Growth

Growth is an irreplaceable source of value creation for business and society. Neither has much of a future without it. How we collaborate, strategize, and innovate and how we embrace new technologies can unlock tremendous growth and value.

Marketing & Sales in Canada

Activating the Sales Force for Rapid Growth

Companies can gain an immediate revenue boost by getting more from their current customers, products, services, and sales organization. This low-risk, cost-effective approach can deliver sustainable results.

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A New World Order of Consumption

BCG’s eighth annual global report on consumer sentiment finds that consumers are less inclined to cut back but remain cautious about spending more. But looking at averages can be misleading. Companies will be facing a new kind of consumer and a multispeed recovery. They will need to rethink their growth expectations and develop a highly de-averaged approach.

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The New Rules of Marketing

Contrary to marketing myth, a true transformation is needed to heighten efficiency.

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Activate the Sales Force for Future Growth

New tools and strategies can jump-start your sales force and achieve significant, sustainable results.

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Improving Growth Through Rewards Programs

Reward programs are important tools: they can build brand loyalty and collect the customer data that contributes to long-term growth.

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Building a Digitally Enabled Marketing Function

Digital is changing every aspect of marketing. How can companies keep pace and harness the opportunities it presents? According to BCG's Robert Malcolm, it all starts with a strategy to become a digitally-centered enterprise.

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