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BCG’s customer journey offering helps organizations implement fundamental new ways of working and achieve next-level customer experience. Our scalable approach to end-to-end customer journeys focuses on rethinking existing, often siloed, initiatives and shifting to customer-centric value streams, agile operations, and the latest modular data and architecture capabilities.

At BCG, the customer journey goes far deeper than customer journey mapping. Customer journeys should synthesize and empower new ways of working in order to drive maximum transformation and fundamentally reorganize the way that change is delivered. Moreover, a successful customer journey strategy breaks down siloed initiatives and reinforces a bionic company—powerfully combining agile human capabilities with front-to-back digitization, smart automation, and integrated data and analytics.

Customer journey mapping and experience design are indeed critical components of a successful customer journey strategy. This work includes deep “voice of the customer” research and an ongoing process of customer testing. Organizations must approach journey mapping with a human-centered, zero-based design approach and a clear view of customers, intermediaries, employees, and other constituents.

In addition, organizations need to focus on five key pillars:

How BCG Delivers Customer Journey Transformations at Scale

BCG offers solutions for end-to-end customer journeys, with a powerful focus on digital potential, through a range of entry points:

  • We provide a maturity and benefits assessment, which measures the readiness and potential impact of a customer journey transformation.
  • We offer our innovation design studio so that we can work with clients to reimagine their customer journey strategy through human-centered design workshops.
  • We deliver a rapid digitization process, fixing a specific business need or problem with a journey-driven approach.
  • Our journey-at-scale transformation work aligns all change initiatives throughout the organization.
  • And our customer journey enablement program trains client teams and enables them with sustainable customer journey skills.

Our Approach to Customer Journey Consulting

Our customer journey consulting combines BCG’s traditional hypothesis-driven approach with a discovery-driven technological perspective, mixing strategy and design engineering for exceptional outcomes. We define, develop, and enable ambitious pilots, minimum viable products (MVPs), and at-scale digital product and service experiences.

The experiences we deliver are grounded in human-centered design, closely aligned with business strategy, and based on an iterative, agile approach to expedite delivery and accelerate time to value. We help clients lead ambitious change programs in parallel with the strategy, culture, leadership, talent, organizational, and governance changes that are critical to long-term sustainability.

Meet Our Customer Journey Consultants

BCG’s multidisciplinary teams are made up of customer journey consultants with deep expertise, human-centric designers, people and organizational strategists, agile coaches, and instructional designers. We also build strategic partnerships to achieve the goals of our clients.

Meet some of our experts on this topic.

BCG also brings to bear the talents of our digital specialty businesses, working together in interdisciplinary teams, to extend the range of strategic capabilities:

Our Customer Journey Consulting Work with Clients

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