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BCG TURN—Your Partner in Transformation, Turnaround, and Restructuring

We deliver visible change at a rigorous pace. No nonsense. Battle-tested experts. Deep collaboration. Sustained performance improvement. Change that lasts and sets up companies to win.

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, public companies have a 1-in-3 chance of ceasing to exist in their current form over the next five years, up from a 1-in-20 chance 50 years ago. But success isn’t viewed solely through the lens of surviving as an institution.

Across companies of all sizes, ages, and economic sectors, CEOs and senior leaders are under increasing pressure as activist investors and boards push them to do more—faster. New CEOs often find themselves taking the reins with a mandate to change their company’s trajectory. Stagnating competitiveness, declining profits, insolvency, and shrinking liquidity all demand immediate intervention.

Yet, too few companies kick off their turnaround efforts early and boldly enough to revitalize rapidly. Many corporate revitalization efforts end up being siloed initiatives that focus only on cost reduction, and are not tied directly to employees’ day-to-day business behaviors. This is why many transformative endeavors don’t deliver lasting change: up to 70% fail to hit their targets, timelines, or both.

The Full-Scale Impact of BCG TURN

BCG TURN—our turnaround, restructuring, and transformation unit—helps business leaders deliver rapid, visible performance improvements in the short term while strengthening their organizations and positioning them to win in the years ahead.

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