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ENADE 2018

BCG’s cooperation at ENADE

ENADE is an annual business meeting that offers a unique opportunity to analyze in depth the current situation of the country and its main challenges and public policies. It allows us to look into the future and identify opportunities in different areas of national life. This year, the event highlighted “collaboration” as the engine of new development and the event, as usual, was inaugurated by the Minister of Finance and closed by the President of the Republic.

Summary of BCG´s contribution

A Chile to discover … A Chile to dream (2018)

Chile is facing great challenges, including setting a clear agenda for social development; modernizing the State across dimensions; promoting a new role for private enterprise; and public-private cooperation between the State, companies, and civil society.

Despite the turbulence and risks of the external sector, there are promising economic projections. Chile no longer merely dreams of projects that ignite the entrepreneurial spirit and move with entrepreneurial energy. We are reengaging with the spirit of progress and recovering the rhythm of growth that put Chile at the head of the region in the 90s. The possibility of success improves significantly if Chile works from a "collaboration and agreements" mode, advancing with concrete projects to reestablish trust and unleash the energy of growth for the benefit of all.

ENADE 2018 is a business commitment to the development of a framework of cooperation in Chile, exemplified in the motto of this 40th version, “Where there is concord, there is victory.”

A special invitation from Icare, a non-profit corporation which organizes ENADE, allowed BCG to actively participate in the development of the symposium "A Chile to discover ... A Chile to dream," consisting of nine simultaneous sessions of dialogue and debate to review the biggest opportunities for innovation, entrepreneurship, business development, and social progress.

BCG’s mission was to unlock the potential of the 9 symposiums by understanding the audience and speakers priorities, ideas and proposals, to unleash Chile’s potential. This work was captured in a document and delivered to the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, as a road map for Chile to continue being a leader in social and economic progress in the region.