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Our Latest Thinking on Global Markets

The markets driving the global economy have been redefined by the rise of digital consumption. Explore BCG's latest thought leadership on global markets for key insights on the impact of geopolitics and trade on global business, and for perspectives on developments in emerging markets.

Featured Insights

Geopolitics and Trade Impact

Winning in Emerging Markets

Building the New Global Enterprise

Building the New Global Enterprise

The structure of the multinational company that evolved over half a century is being overhauled as organizations adopt new value propositions for a radically changing global economy.

Winning in Emerging Markets - Why Some MNCs are Still Winning Big in Emerging Markets

Why MNCs Are Winning Big in Emerging Markets

Emerging markets offer some of the world’s best growth opportunities, but they also tend to have tough business environments and intense local competition. Still, some global companies continue to win where others fail.

Pioneering One Africa

Pioneering One Africa

Despite multiple barriers, economic integration in Africa is not only taking place, but also gathering speed. The primary drivers of this process are African businesses.

Globalization Isn’t Declining—It’s Transforming

Globalization Isn’t Declining—It’s Transforming

Why Local Dynamos Are Winning in Emerging Markets

How Digital is Changing the Game in ASEAN

Finding a New Normal for Global Trade

How Global Companies Can Transform to Optimize for Growth

Regional and Industry-Specific Insights

Global Growth Hot Spots

Multinational companies need a new approach for identifying global growth opportunities in this new phase of globalization. Consider the opportunities within a market, rather than the market’s economy overall.

Explore the global hot spots

Customer Insights

Decoding Digital Consumers in India

Decoding Digital Consumers in India

No technology, no matter how powerful or pervasive, will affect India’s 1 billion consumers—of whom 50% will soon be online—in the same way.

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