Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions we receive, plus links to additional information you may find helpful throughout this site.

The answers to your questions may vary depending on which area of BCG you are applying to. See alternate frequently asked questions related to LGBT, BCG GAMMA, and BCG Digital Ventures.

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General and Consulting FAQ

What is the ideal profile for a BCG consultant?

We seek passionate, open-minded individuals with a wide range of academic backgrounds, work experiences, perspectives, thinking styles, and expertise. Physicists, historians, chemists, and lawyers have all become successful business leaders at BCG.

Excellent academic credentials are a necessary—but not sufficient—requirement. You also must demonstrate the curiosity to ask the right questions, the courage and creativity to blaze new paths, the ability to collaborate with colleagues and clients, and the leadership skills to transform your ideas into action.

What if I don’t have a business degree? Would I feel lost as a consultant at BCG?

Many talented professionals without business degrees come to BCG and thrive here. Working with your team and with clients, you will learn at a rapid pace. Your peers will support you, project leaders and others will coach you, and your career advisor will provide useful advice on how to overcome common obstacles.

You will receive intensive training and coaching based on your individual needs, as well as help and advice. Entry-level training is available, as are targeted training sessions at every step of your career. Learn more about our learning and development programs.

As a consultant, will I have an opportunity to work in other countries?

BCG provides many opportunities for consultants at different levels of seniority to work abroad on a particular case or to work in one of our foreign offices for an extended period. And with more than 90 locations in over 50 countries, there is a lot of choice.

When and how will my consulting-team performance be evaluated?

You’ll receive continuous informal feedback, as well as formal feedback at the end of each project at a minimum and from your career development advisor at various points each year. All individuals will be evaluated on a number of factors important to their development, including analytics, presentation style, conceptual ability, interpersonal skills, motivation, initiative, organization, communication skills, team skills, and overall integrity.

How does BCG’s consultant internship program work?

Our consultant internship program is a chance for you to learn about BCG and for us to learn more about you. BCG internships are generally two to three months in duration, but can vary from a few weeks to a year, depending on the role and location.

When and how do I submit my résumé?

We accept online applications year-round. If you are a current student, learn more about how to apply on our Students page. Otherwise, apply here for all roles at BCG.

What is the interview process for consulting candidates?

If selected, you’ll participate in a series of interviews with BCG consultants. These interviews will include a case study. Learn more about BCG’s interview process and how you can prepare for it.

What is the interview process for nonconsulting roles?

The interview process for nonconsulting roles at BCG varies from position to position. Candidates should be prepared to discuss examples from their work experience plus key professional achievements.

What type of client work does BCG typically do?

The world’s most influential businesses, governments, and nonprofits turn to BCG to help them address their most difficult questions and challenges—how and where to expand their businesses, how to respond to changing markets, or how to invest for future growth. We work with CEOs to establish their long-term vision and with their teams to build a competitive advantage. We generate value for our clients and help them add value to society.

The challenges our clients face are often ambiguous and require change that can be difficult to manage. Although solving those challenges is not always easy, our people relish the opportunity to go beyond the obvious answers to find the best solution within given constraints.

How much travel can I expect as a consultant?

Expect to travel as a consultant—whether working with clients, interviewing their customers, collaborating with colleagues, or attending training sessions. If you don’t like to travel, consulting work probably isn’t for you.

There is no typical travel schedule; needs vary depending on the project to which you are assigned and your role. When a consultant is required to travel, three- to four-day trips are common, with Fridays back at the home office.

BCG’s innovative PTO program helps our consultants manage these demands, increase their work and personal life satisfaction, and deliver greater value to our clients.

Does BCG staff consultants on one or two projects at a time?

Our philosophy is to staff in a way that best serves our clients’ needs. Our work mix tends to be one project at a time, or 100% staffing.

How much choice is there in consulting assignments?

Every consultant has a say in the projects he or she works on. However, individual assignments depend on when a consultant is available, the specific skills required by the assignment, the relative balance between client demand and consultant availability, and the career development needs of the consultant.

Over the long term, however, our consultants are able to shape their portfolio of experiences around their interests and preferences, including developing expertise in specific areas. Typically, we recommend that entry-level consultants seek exposure to a broad variety of industries and functional areas during their first years before specializing in any specific area.

How is BCG’s business doing?

For more than two decades, BCG has grown on average at about 15% a year, showing strength in all regions. Our engagement pipeline is strong and focused on our long-term clients, and we are aggressively recruiting to serve this demand.

Although BCG is not immune to the business cycle, the company has grown even during difficult periods.

Should I consider consulting if I want to start or run a business?

Yes, absolutely. BCG will help you develop the skills, experience, and connections needed to build a successful career—whether you choose to stay at BCG or not. We have a global alumni network approaching 22,000 members, including many who have gone on to become CEOs of companies or start successful ventures of their own.