Joining BCG with a Bachelor’s or Non-MBA Master’s Degree

As a member of one of our case teams, you’ll work with and learn from some of the best minds in business. Ideas, not tenure, matter to us, so you’ll be able to make an impact from day one. Working at BCG will help you develop the skills and confidence you need in a supportive environment that respects the views of every individual. Hands-on learning, support from your team, and innovative training programs will allow for a smooth transition from the classroom to the real world of business.


Master's Talent Network

BCG encourages master’s degree candidates interested in solving complex business challenges to explore consulting opportunities available at the Firm. Find out more about our Master's Talent Network.

Make an Immediate Impact

When you join BCG, you'll have the opportunity to make an immediate impact, developing game-changing ideas across a wide-range of industries and fields. There's no better way to get global, real-life experience and see your ideas at work in the business community and society. Our case teams are relatively small, which means your learning curve is steep. From the start of your BCG career, you will be exposed and contribute value to the innovative culture that our firm fosters through our work.


Success Through Collaboration

Starting your career at BCG will be a demanding—but rewarding—experience, supported by mentors and peers in a collaborative culture. At BCG, you'll connect with people from a diverse and broad set of backgrounds—including business, engineering, economics, science, and the humanities—working together on teams that are tailored for each client. Collaboration also means more fun, meeting other BCGers through team and office events, sports teams, cultural opportunities, and volunteer initiatives. This leads to lasting relationships that are a foundation for your future success.

Supportive Environment, Sustainable Career

It's pretty simple: we want to help our clients and each other succeed. Mentorship and apprenticeship are embedded throughout your career at BCG. At BCG, our strong team culture means we look out for each other. There's a support system of career development advisors, the guidance of project leaders, and partnership with your colleagues and teammates at every turn. You'll pursue your interests, make an impact, and find your place at BCG. 

Although you'll undoubtedly work hard, you'll also work smart. Our PTO (predictability, teaming, and open communication) facilitators help consulting teams work more optimally to deliver client value by enabling more predictability and career sustainability. Complementing that, our Flexibility@BCG programs ensure your career is professionally sustainable and personally fulfilling by providing enhanced work options and the ongoing support to manage them. At BCG, we consistently work to create an environment of flexibility and support for our employees and the work they do.

Three months into the job, my principal was comfortable with me running meetings with senior executives by myself. As a fresh college graduate, it's quite empowering!

Nishi Anand

What is truly amazing about BCG is the exposure you are guaranteed to get at such an early stage in your career. As a fresh graduate from local university, the exposure to various industries and wide ranges of topics really shaped my perspective.

Isaree Nipitthanisorn

I studied social anthropology in college, not traditionally seen as a degree that feeds into management consulting. I was in search of a career that would let me use my liberal arts education while broadening my understanding of the business world. BCG has given me the opportunity to do both.

Reihan Nadarajah

When I left university and especially the ivory tower of philosophy, I didn’t expect to find a setting again where the best argument wins regardless of the status and tenure of its author. But participating in the first BCG case team meetings, I witnessed a culture in which senior BCG partners encourage junior team members to bring their points to the table.

Ulrike Garanin
Associate Director

Learn Fast and See Tremendous Growth

You'll be supported through our in-depth and innovative training and development programs to help you take the leap into the business world. Through a combination of our skill-development trainings, individualized mentorship, and real-life experience, you will develop a proficiency that will allow you to add value within BCG, and beyond. 

A career at BCG gives you the opportunity to work in many different fields and industries, so you can discover your own interests and expand the number of paths your career can follow. You may continue with us as a consultant, or pursue an MBA or other advanced degree. In recent years, 90% of our staff who applied to a top-tier business school were accepted. Others choose to pursue opportunities beyond BCG and join our alumni family, taking on a role in an entrepreneurial venture, a startup, private equity, or industry. No matter what you decide to do or where you decide to go, BCG will set you up for success.

Experience Global Business Firsthand

You'll have both the tools and the opportunity to expand your work on an international scale. There are tremendous international opportunities available to you early in your career at BCG. More than 25% of our consultants work outside their home countries every year, and about half work in global teams led and staffed by BCGers from other parts of the world. Working abroad takes many forms at BCG, whether it’s cross-office projects, Associate Abroad and Ambassador programs, office transfers, or secondments—where you work for up to a year at a client or with our global social impact partners.

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