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COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

As the business impact of the COVID-19 crisis mounts, leaders in every industry are moving urgently to protect employees and build resilience. Governments are mobilizing to safeguard citizens and manage the economic fallout. Immediate action is critical, but leaders must also embrace a new agenda—one aimed squarely at what comes next.

Now more than ever, business and government have a crucial role to play in protecting people’s health, bolstering the economy, and developing both practical solutions and game-changing innovations. At BCG, we’re working with companies and public-sector organizations around the world to manage the impact of the coronavirus, with actions ranging from rapid responses to more fundamental, strategic shifts. We’re also helping leaders look much further ahead and envision how the crisis will continue to affect the competitive environment and what society will need in the coming months and years. This page is updated frequently with the latest COVID-19 information and insights.

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Managing Through the Coronavirus Crisis

The economic impact of the coronavirus calls on leaders to step up on multiple fronts: attending to people’s immediate needs, ensuring the health of the business, scanning the continually changing business and societal landscape, and positioning the enterprise to thrive in a new normal.

COVID-19 CFO Pulse Check #2

COVID-19 CFO Pulse Check #2

Our second global survey reveals that CFOs are more optimistic than they were in April; nonetheless, they are still working hard to keep their businesses viable in the crisis..


State of the World

There's hope on the horizon, but a coordinated, whole-society response to the pandemic is needed now more than ever.

Download Edition 20: State of the World (December 2020)

How COVID-19 Is Changing Business

Already, we’ve seen major shifts that are forcing companies to rethink how they operate in virtually every area—from pricing and procurement to supply chains, sales, and cybersecurity. More change is sure to come.

How to Price—and Sell—in a Pandemic

How to Price—and Sell—in a Pandemic

Revenues are down and will likely remain so for the rest of the year. But don’t panic. With a systematic day-to-day tactical response, companies can survive the crisis and thrive in the rebound.

Beyond Great BCG Book

Beyond Great

How to build sustainable business advantage in a world where great is no longer good enough.

How COVID-19 Is Reshaping Industries

No industry will be immune to the impact of COVID-19. For some, the crisis poses an existential threat. For all, now is the time to revisit basic assumptions about what it means to compete and thrive.


Reigniting Retail Demand

Many retailers are in the process of reopening their doors to a changed world. The COVID-19 pandemic has altered what consumers are looking for and has driven an even more radical shift in how they shop to meet those demands.

Fashion’s Big Reset

Recovery from the COVID-19 crisis requires a radical business redesign. Brands must cut operating costs, boost e-commerce, and invest for the future.

Focus on Public Sector, Health Care, and Social Impact

The coronavirus crisis has created exceptional challenges for public sector organizations and health care companies while underscoring, for all industries, the power and importance of social impact.


The Promise and the Perils of Contact Tracing

As countries begin to lift restrictions on social interaction, effective deployment of contact tracing will be a critical weapon in the battle to contain COVID-19. But it won’t succeed without privacy safeguards and the right incentives for adoption.


Start Reimagining Government Now

COVID-19 has massive implications for governments, including increased demand for public services and the need to improve resilience. To adapt, leaders must rethink governments’ roles and processes.


Win the Fight

Restarting Societies and Economies—Safely

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