Beyond Lean

BCG’s approach to customer service improvement and transformation goes beyond process optimization to deliver real structural and organizational change.

Lean is the go-to methodology for insurers that want to boost customer satisfaction, but there’s more to customer service excellence than eliminating waste. You must also deliver significant process enhancements in record time, require more explicit stakeholder management, and create a highly responsive company culture.

BCG helps you achieve this by focusing on: 

  • A deep understanding of customers and what they want and expect
  • Quantifying results—by measuring the increase in customer satisfaction for each specific process according to each individual measure or lever
  • Enabling the internal team to ensure continuous improvement in meeting customer expectations even after BCG has moved on

Our holistic, multistep process has been successfully applied in hundreds of projects. While it incorporates top-down target setting, it also takes into account the reality of the customer journey and the employee perspective. This approach makes it easier to achieve organizational buy-in and significant gains in employee satisfaction and productivity.
Two distinct parts form the backbone of the solution:

  1. Process Optimization. This effort improves existing services within all process groups. To do this, BCG gathers input top-down from management and bottom-up from stakeholders to gain a fundamental understanding of what the customers want. Such input includes market studies, process pain points, competitor comparisons, qualitative customer interviews, analysis of complaint databases, and process-specific customer feedback.
  2. Overarching Topic Identification. Customer service improvement isn’t achieved in a vacuum. Much of the impact cuts across all product lines. BCG has identified three general categories of potential impact. First, structural improvements can be made across channels, including call center wait time, digitization, and self-service offerings. Second, cross-process levers—speed, quality, and transparency—can improve the customer experience without touching the underlying process, and third, organizational change can move a company to a more customer-centric culture.

In this solution, BCG enables insurers to optimize numerous processes very quickly and to deliver outstanding results. These include significant improvements in customer satisfaction scores and customer retention, decreases in overall personnel and operating costs, greater employee productivity and efficiency, and increases in sales.

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