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The Bionic Company

Once a futuristic vision, the bionic company is here. Leading companies in multiple industries are combining the strengths of humans and technology to create superhuman—bionic—capabilities. Here we explore what the bionic company looks like, how it operates, and how traditional companies can think about transforming themselves into superhuman enterprises.


What Is a Bionic Company?

To achieve its full potential, technology must be combined with the flexibility, adaptability, and comprehensive experience of humans.

Drivers of a Bionic Company

The superhuman ability of bionic companies can be seen in their outperformance. Most bionic leaders today are digital natives, to which bionic processes come naturally. But more bionic companies can also be found in traditional industries. Incumbents are mounting successful and far-reaching digital transformations to reposition their competitive capabilities for a bionic future.

Many of the elements of bionic companies are well known: artificial intelligence, digital talent, and platform-based software and services, for example. But the formula for putting them all together is neither immediately evident nor easy to implement. We believe our approach to building bionic companies was an important factor in BCG’s being named a digital transformation services leader in the industry by Forrester Research. Companies that understand how to lead a bionic transformation can make rapid process and create substantial near-term value.

Attributes of a Bionic Leader

To become a bionic leader, you must first understand what a bionic company does. Explore the interactive above or expand the lists below to discover the attributes of a bionic leader.

Purpose and Strategy


Human Enablers

Technology Enablers

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The Bionic Company