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Our Latest Thinking on Strategy

Corporate and business strategy have greatly evolved since BCG pioneered the fields in the 1960s and 1970s with the growth share matrix and experience curve. Today’s business leaders must match their strategies—and their strategy development approaches—to a broader range of environments. They must embrace the opportunities and disruptive potential of digital while maintaining the agility to adapt to changing conditions. Explore BCG’s latest strategy thought leadership to learn more.

Featured Insights

Corporate Strategy

Business Strategy

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

Your Strategy Needs a Strategy

Today’s business leaders need more than one playbook. Your Strategy Needs a Strategy reveals the five distinct styles of strategy needed to win in today’s increasingly diverse competitive environments.

Digital Strategy and AI

The Big Leap Toward AI  at Scale

The Big Leap Toward AI at Scale

Companies are encountering the “AI paradox”: it is deceptively easy to launch projects with AI but fiendishly hard to reach scale.

Strategy in China

Business Revolution in the Digital Era

To prepare for the digital future, business leaders should set up digital strategy, take full use of new technologies and ecosystem, and reinvent self-tuning business model; while policy makers should drive digital economy by encouraging innovation and entrpreneurial activities, and take the lead in preparing the workforce for the challenges ahead.

Perspectives on Strategy

For the past 35 years, BCG has been shaping the way business is done the world over. This book-a compilation of 75 of BCG's most influential articles and thought pieces-offers readers the opportunity to become familiar with a broad selection of the firm's contributions. Of special note are the many articles by Bruce Henderson, BCG's brilliant founder.

The BCG Way: The Art of Strategic Insight

This book starts with the point that observation is the spirit of strategy. Then it describes a series of skills helpful to practice strategic observation, such as how to build a hypothesis-driven thinking process? how to build creativity to overcome the intent to persist on the existing solution? how to leverage team strength to expand thinking process?

Globality: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything

Globality tells the story of a new era of international business competition. The global challenger companies—that grew up in the rapidly-developing economies—are challenging the big, developed-country corporations that have been globalization leaders for the last two decades.

Strategic Planning

Your Strategy Process Needs a Strategy

Your Strategy Process Needs a Strategy

Companies need a better way to develop and implement strategy, one that’s in sync with both market realities and the specific approach that they choose.

Always-On Strategy

Always-On Strategy

Leading companies are improving upon their traditional strategy-setting processes by adding something much more dynamic and agile. We call it always-on strategy.

Family Business

BCG Classics Revisited

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