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China’s Digital Generations: The 570-Million-Hour Opportunity

During the past few years, the Chinese embraced digital technology so rapidly that conventional views about that nation's Internet and mobile-phone use are out of date. The report China's Digital Generations: The 570-Million-Hour Opportunity seeks to dispel many outdated impressions about digital life in China and to show companies how they can profitably serve China's ""digital generations."" The report is based on interviews with 3,700 Chinese consumers. 

Urban Chinese consumers, in particular, are becoming sophisticated and dedicated mobile-phone and Internet users. They have quickly adopted so-called Web 2.0 applications, which enable users to contribute and share content in creative ways. In introducing these Chinese consumers and explaining their aspirations, behaviors, and expectations, we hope to put a human face on this dynamic market and encourage companies to serve it. 

The digital revolution in China has vast implications for companies in nearly all industries. Organizations must find innovative ways to connect with Chinese consumers in this new digital landscape. Companies need to build a rich Web presence, develop trusted brands online, and actively invest in understanding their customers' changing behaviors and needs. They also need to develop new products and services that cater to the emerging needs.

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