Globality: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything

GLOBALITY tells the story of a new era of international business competition. The global challenger companies—that grew up in the rapidly-developing economies—are challenging the big, developed-country corporations that have been globalization leaders for the last two decades. Both challengers and incumbents will find themselves competing with everyone (including former partners and suppliers) from everywhere (in both developed and developing markets) for everything (including customers, talent, and more). 

BCG authors Harold L. Sirkin, James W. Hemerling, and Arindam K. Bhattacharya have worked with business leaders around the world to gather the experience, information, and insight that has enabled them to create this sharp analysis of what is happening in the world of global commerce today and why. 

Their book provides a wealth of material for business leaders, as well as general readers, including: 

  • Stories from dozens of companies unfamiliar to many readers—such as Bharat Forge and Tata of India, Goodbaby and Baosteel of China, Cemex of Mexico, and Embraer of Brazil—replete with data gathered during more than three years of research into thousands of companies worldwide. 
  • Many examples of global incumbent companies from the United States, Europe, and Japan—including Nokia and Emerson—that have transformed themselves by adapting the practices of the challengers to their own businesses and that have developed new strategies that will enable them to successfully compete in the years ahead. 
  • New ideas about management and organization. In the era of globality, the concept of ""headquarters"" is changing and people no longer think in terms of ""home"" countries or ""foreign"" markets. Western business orthodoxy will entwine with eastern business philosophy to create a whole new mindset that embraces profit and competition as well as sustainability and collaboration. 
  • Thoughts about how the world is being fundamentally transformed in this emerging era of hypercompetition. New markets are opening. Industries are being transformed. A huge consumer class is being created. Even the positions of nations within the world community are shifting. 
GLOBALITY: Competing with Everyone from Everywhere for Everything focuses on business issues that affect not only every business executive of every company worldwide, but also general readers—whether they live in the big cities of Asia, the countryside of Europe, or the small towns of America. For business leaders especially, there is no time to wait and watch and put off developing a strategy for success in the age of globality: the time to act is now.

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