The 2009 BCG 100 New Global Challengers: How Companies from Rapidly Developing Economics Are Contending for Global Leadership

Marcos Aguiar Cameron Bailey Arindam Bhattacharya Thomas Bradtke Jesús de Juan Jim Hemerling Kim Koh David Michael Harold L. Sirkin Carl Stern Andrew Tratz Kevin Waddell Bernd Waltermann

There are some new global challengers from rapidly developing economies that are now playing prominent roles in global markets. These challengers are rapidly globalizing their businesses and competing with incument multinational companies for market share, resources, and talent both at home and abroad. The report identifies and discusses 100 outstanding companies based in China, India, and 12 other RDEs. Nineteen of these companies are new to this year's list. All these companies share a handful of characteristics that propel them toward global growth.They also face a set of formidable challenges, including more volatile costs, changing government priorities, and the need for international brand recognition and world-class R&D. Incumbent multinationals have much to learn both from their successes and from their resourcefulness at meeting these challenges. And for incumbents and challengers alike, the present environment offers not only risks but significant opportunities.

International Business