Douglas Beal sits at the intersection of Boston Consulting Group’s Social Impact and Corporate Finance & Strategy practices. Prior to his current role, Doug was the global head of BCG's economic development topic area.

Douglas works with the firm’s largest private sector clients to look beyond corporate social responsibility to total societal impact—which integrates social impact as a source of business value. Douglas also works with investors on sustainable finance strategies and capabilities, with a focus on ensuring environmental, social, and governance integration results in positive impact and contributes to improved financial performance. 

Having lived overseas for 21 years, he has acquired extensive experience on strategies and organizational capabilities advising the private sector; governments; and development organizations; in the US, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. He has worked with several nations on their national development strategies and enablers of overall economic and socioeconomic progress. 

Douglas is a cocreator of BCG's total societal impact (TSI) approach as well as the firm’s Sustainable Economic Development Assessment (SEDA), a statistical benchmarking tool used by many national government leaders and development organizations to improve economic and socioeconomic conditions. TSI and SEDA have been featured in numerous internationally read business newspapers and magazines, including the Economist and Financial Times

He has served on the board of Save the Children in Hong Kong and currently sits on the advisory board for the Cornell Center for Global Sustainable Enterprise. 


  • Social impact
  • Sustainable finance and investing
  • Total societal impact
  • Sustainability
  • Economic and socioeconomic development strategies for countries, regions, and cities
  • Strategies for international development organizations, foundations, and nongovernmental organizations
  • Well-being of populations


  • MBA, with honors, Columbia Business School
  • BS, electrical engineering, Cornell University
Deep Expertise, Broad Experience