BCG Digital Ventures: An Early-Stage Growth Platform

We have entered an age of inherent disruption, as powerful technology and agile operating structures shift the business landscape with unprecedented speed. We believe that the world’s most influential companies need equally disruptive ideas to keep pace. That’s why we help them think and behave like startups, with profound results. We are BCG Digital Ventures.

We believe that corporations will own the next horizon of innovation. Founded in 2014 as a separate but connected business unit, we are BCG’s early-stage growth platform. Our mission is to invent, launch, scale, and invest in game-changing companies with the world’s most influential corporations. We think of our clients as partners and help them act like venture capitalists, serving as a powerful conduit for growth. Founding over 100+ ventures and counting, our diverse, multidisciplinary team is pushing the boundaries of industry across the globe. To learn more about the revolutionary work we do, visit

Our Purpose

BCG Digital Ventures is an early-stage growth platform comprised of a diverse, multidisciplinary team of innovators, entrepreneurs, engineers, creatives, growth architects and investors. Together, we rapidly invent, launch, scale and invest in revolutionary new businesses with the world’s most influential corporations.

Invent, Launch, and Scale Game-Changing Businesses

Rich Lesser, BCG CEO, on BCG Digital Ventures’ value proposition and its distinction within BCG.


Our global team spans four continents and specializes in 55 disciplines. DV’s experts are fundamentally transforming the industries they serve, from healthcare to fintech and beyond.


We have created over 100+ new growth businesses with corporate partners, targeting deeply rooted sources of human friction and uncovering new profit pools through technology and design across seven industries.


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